Coronet Ops

Coronet: The first word designating an Air Combat Command fighter or bomber deployment mission (e.g. Coronet Sentry, Coronet Havoc).

The frequencies below are used during air refueling operations while ferrying aircraft overseas. Here in Southern California, Coronet air refueling operations are usually conducted within or near the Isabella MOA. If these frequencies are not programmed into your radio you can still stumble upon them by listening for the tanker callsigns on air traffic control frequencies. Some of the callsigns used include Blue, Cafe, Clean, Gold, Huron and Tabor. The callsign suffix of the tankers correspond to which channel they will be using. For example, if the callsign Cafe 11 is used, it means they will be using one of the two Alpha channels. If they use the callsign Cafe 91 it means they will be using one of the two Foxtrot channels.

ALPHA 396.2000 394.6000 AM
BRAVO 391.0000 388.4000 AM
CHARLIE 378.2000 375.7000 AM
DELTA 373.5500 370.4000 AM
ECHO 314.1000 297.3000 AM
KILO 343.1000 322.8000 AM
INDIA 254.6000 255.7500 AM
JULIET 236.7500 228.5500 AM
FOXTROT 293.0000 289.7000 AM
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