About Us

On June 29th, 2000, a small group of civilians along with current and retired members of the military started an E-Groups (Yahoo! Groups) page for scanner owners that enjoy listening to military communications. Ten years later, SOCAL MILCOM has collected over 400 members and thousands of frequencies and callsigns making it one of the most organized scanner hobbyist groups in the world.

Frequency and Callsign List Contributors
Temp Berdan
Mark Bonney
Chet Brown
Mike Consalvo
Brent Corbin
Joshua Cox
Karl Dahlquist
Tony Dinkel
Dave @ DPD Productions
John Gleichweit
W. John Guineau
Bill Halpin
Ian Hampshire
Jordan Hayes
John Hays
Bryan Herbert
Larry Van Horn
Tracy Justus
Ken Koller
Mickey Kopanski
Laura Q.
Jay McKee
John J. McKenna
Rich Ortloff
Dan Stijovich
Brian Webb

and countless others

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